Cast-ons and edgings
Modified tubular cast-on for double knitting: Make a clean and tidy edge on all your double knitting projects with this cast-on

Make a knit in hem: Knitting in hems is surprisingly easy, and gives you a smooth, non-rolling edge without the use of ribbing, garter, or seed stitches.

Make a knit in hem with a picot edging: for a prettier knit in hem, try adding a picot edging. This hemline is used in the Samantha pattern.

Stitch patterns and motifs
Beaded bow stitch. A how-to on working the beaded bow stitch. This stitch features heavily in the Holiday Lights tam pattern.

Tetris afghan series
I have a neverending tetris afghan project. Occasionally, I post tutorials for making the various shapes involved in it.

Small square
Large square
Two square rectangle
Three square rectangle
Small L from the outside in

Knitting needle roll. Organize your knitting needles with the help of an old sheet and some basic sewing.

DIY Magnetic spice rack Organize your spices and use your fridge door to make them readily accessible

Stitched cards Make some extra special cards and use up some scrap yarn in the process.