Garter Mesh Wrap

This is a quick, simple, and elegant wrap. Great to wear if you need something for a dressy evening out, or just use it as a scarf alternative. Note that this wrap was made for a friend of mine who is relatively short (5′) and had a finished length of slightly over 5 feet. If you prefer longer wraps or are very tall, you may wish to add a fourth ball of yarn.

Garter mesh wrap


3 balls Louisa Harding Grace Wool-Silk (110 yards/50g)
Size 10 (US) needles.

CO: cast on
k: knit
yo: yarn over
k2tog tbl: knit 2 sts together through the back of the stitch
st: stitch
sl: slip
k2tog: knit 2 stitches together

CO an odd number of sts (the wrap pictured uses a CO of 43 sts).
Row 1: Sl 1, k1, *[yo, k2tog tbl] repeat from *until 1 st before end of row, k1 Repeat row 1.
Row 2: Sl 1, k1, *[yo, k2tog], repeat from *until 1 st before end of row, k1

Repeat row 2 until ~4 yards of yarn remain.
Work row 1 twice. BO loosely.

Wet block to open up the fabric and get the finished lacy look. Pinning the piece out firmly will help to open it up.

C’est tout!

A note about free patterns: You may make as many copies of this pattern as you like for your own personal use.  If you wish to share this pattern with others, please refer them to my site so they can download their own copy.

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