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Time for a challenge

After wrapping up another little baby project, I found myself feeling more favorably inclined towards large projects again. Uh-oh. Both 2013 and 2014 could pretty much be summed up as “I let a large project kill my enthusiasm for knitting.” … Continue reading

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All but the ends

Only a few weeks in and it already feels like 2015 is flying by. I’ve been knitting away on the train but my weekend craft time is still taken up fairly exclusively by sewing, so it’s taken me a little … Continue reading

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So long, 2014

2014 has been quite the year around here. Last fall I decided to take an extended break from knit blogging and professional knit design. After finishing my PhD in 2012, I was finding that I needed to focus more energy … Continue reading

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gearing up

I’ve been saying it a lot lately, but I am really wanting to knit some cardigans, sweaters, you know….clothes. Hats and gloves are great, but I’m ready for a change (at least for a little while). I’ve had a few … Continue reading

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motivation basket

I recently rearranged my various yarn baskets so that they held yarn devoted to specific planned projects (as opposed to the previous randomly accumulated assortment). Result? I have future projects staring me in the face every time I walk through … Continue reading

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stashburning satisfaction!

Remember that little piece of cabling I posted about last week? It went and got turned into this: One baby present now ready to go, and 2.5 more balls of yarn out of my stash. I have a big move … Continue reading

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travel plans

As I mentioned yesterday, we’re traveling for Thanksgiving this year. Last night I started figuring out what knitting to bring and came up with this: First, my “Thanksgiving travels” are actually going to extend a bit beyond Thanksgiving weekend, so … Continue reading

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sweater three

Last week, I debated what project to cast-on for next. I decided the best move would be to make some more progress on my goal of completing 11 sweaters in 2011, and chose this one: Yes, it’s a baby sweater. … Continue reading

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new project sneak peak: amna

Here’s a quick look at my latest project, Amna: I haven’t done anything cabled in a while, and my thought when working on this piece is constantly “whyever not?”. Sure, cabling takes some time and eats yarn and so on, … Continue reading

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weekend swatching

I really really need to make myself a cardigan soon. Why? Because so many of my current cardigans and sweaters are wearing out! I can just see you, laughing at this notion, thinking “but you live in Southern California, just … Continue reading

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