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greening up: hemp cardi cast on

My swatching last week worked out, I spent some time crunching numbers in the spreadsheet, and today I was finally ready to cast on: A sleeve, mostly stockinette in the round, reasonably mindless and thus perfect for train knitting. I’m … Continue reading

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gearing up

I’ve been saying it a lot lately, but I am really wanting to knit some cardigans, sweaters, you know….clothes. Hats and gloves are great, but I’m ready for a change (at least for a little while). I’ve had a few … Continue reading

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The End!

I feel like I’ve been knitting with dark red Rowan 4-ply soft foreeeeever by now. I bought a bag of 15 balls back in 2006 or 7, when it was being discontinued (who doesn’t love some high quality wool at … Continue reading

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Bay Area wanderings: Rosie the Riveter National Park

Last weekend we decided to make a little excursion over to the East Bay for some outdoors gear shopping (not pictured). Because it seems a little silly to spend close to an hour driving just to buy a few jackets … Continue reading

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weedy wednesday: tomato harvest!

Our tomato harvest is in full swing here, all four plants are sporting ripe tomatoes, and I’ve been enjoying being able to wander out and bring a haul like this into the kitchen whenever I like: As I’ve mentioned before, … Continue reading

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long weekend, little projects

Happy belated 4th of July, to all of you in the US (and to the rest of you, happy Friday!). I was lucky enough to snag both the 4th AND the 5th off this year, so I’m enjoying a long … Continue reading

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Remember how I was working on these lacy little gloves earlier in the year? And remember how one of them went missing? I still haven’t found the missing glove, so I resigned myself to knitting a third glove. Sigh. That’s … Continue reading

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weedy wednesday: adding + ripening

This past weekend I made a small enhancement to our little patio garden: One basil plant from Trader Joe’s. Buying a bunch of basil alone is $1.00, buying a plant is $2.99. So if we use basil on three occasions, … Continue reading

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infinitely finished! almost.

Unlike some crafters, I don’t maintain a very large collection of buttons. I do love buttons, but it seems that one always runs the risk of purchasing the wrong number if there isn’t a specific project in mind. And if … Continue reading

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springling complete!

One of the things I wrapped up last month and didn’t have a chance to post about…this new baby cardigan: There were a few instances of ripping with this cardigan, but as is often the case, they were worth it. … Continue reading

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