Time for a challenge

After wrapping up another little baby project, I found myself feeling more favorably inclined towards large projects again. Uh-oh. Both 2013 and 2014 could pretty much be summed up as “I let a large project kill my enthusiasm for knitting.” I debated whether or not it was really wise to tackle a sweater project again. Maybe I should just declare 2015 the year of no (adult) sweaters, right?

Well….wrong. I cast on for another sweater last week and am already down one sleeve, a little less than half the body, and another quarter sleeve (saving that one to work on the train this coming week as it’s smaller than the body):

The yarn is another one from my stash, O-wool’s classic 2-ply (sadly discontinued, sigh). It is absolutely lovely to work with: a nice basic yarn and very smooth texture. Definitely makes me want to try the O-wash fingering sometime in the near future!I bought this yarn at one of my former LYS haunts: Loop & Leaf in Santa Barbara. Now I miss that place 🙁

Even though it’s only a few weeks old, this sweater is already acquiring a fairly major storyline. I had the rather ambitious goal of finishing this sweater in time for Stitches West (Feb 21), but sort of abandoned it partway up the first sleeve. A fingering weight sweater in just under a month? So not doable. I relaxed and told myself to just plug away and not worry too much about “deadlines”. But then…I made the mistake of mentioning this goal to some knitting friends. One of whom laughed at my folly. Alrighty then. Game on. Then, one of my size 4 dpns mysteriously went missing (really!).

Train knitting, with soaked jeans. Someone foolishly left rain pants at home on Friday.

Aided by some intense concentration during commute hour, a movie evening on Friday night (we watched Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, very sweet film), and a rainy Saturday/Sunday forcing me to stay relatively homebound, I’ve managed to knit, oh…8″ of body in less than 72 hours.

Saturday afternoon: knitting while waiting for various computer updates to kick in.

I also did my taxes and made vindaloo for the first time. Not a bad weekend.

I don’t want to count my chickens before they’re hatched, but…I think I just might make it. Hopefully next weekend will be soaking wet too.

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