All but the ends

Only a few weeks in and it already feels like 2015 is flying by. I’ve been knitting away on the train but my weekend craft time is still taken up fairly exclusively by sewing, so it’s taken me a little while to get to the bind-off on this little piece:

I’m in the process of sewing in ends and debating whether the buttons above will work, but pretty soon my first FO of 2015 will be DONE!

One thing I’m really happy with on this sweater? The edging. You can probably see that the bottom, front edges, and neck were all knit in one go. I have a history of not getting my button band pickups quite right and having to knit them more than once (sometimes more than twice, yikes). I’ve gotten better about it but mostly I just try to avoid button bands as much as possible 😉 Obviously I was highly motivated to double check all my math and gauges, and it all worked out perfectly.

What’s next? Well….perhaps somewhat unsurprisingly, I am finding myself drawn towards another large project, but I’m trying to persuade myself that smaller is better for a little while longer!
And with that, I’d better get myself offline and make a decision–another week of train knitting starts up tomorrow and I need to be ready to take advantage of every minute!

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