So long, 2014

2014 has been quite the year around here.

Last fall I decided to take an extended break from knit blogging and professional knit design. After finishing my PhD in 2012, I was finding that I needed to focus more energy on adjusting to “grown-up” life outside of school. I had a new job, which I loved, but which came with a lot of new stuff to learn. My major “creative” energy was all being poured into learning the ropes at work and I just couldn’t sustain the kind of energy and focus that’s required to come up with a new pattern or tutorial. I was still knitting (three cheers for the public transit super commute), but mostly easy projects with a lot of stockinette. Not the most interesting items for blog topics.

After a whirlwind and at times grueling fall and winter, I finally felt myself starting to settle in over the spring. So I then decided to take on another big new project: supporting my partner as he hiked the entire Pacific Crest Trail. Even being the support team for this kind of endeavor is a huge undertaking, and I am still so proud that M. trusted me to be that person as he worked his way through the mountains from Mexico to Canada. I spent a good chunk of my summer dehydrating beans, baking high-fat granola bars, and getting far too familiar with the spatial limitations of USPS’s regional rate mail boxes.

prepping supplies to mail out

In October, I finally finished my monster knitting project of 2014, a cabled sweater for my (6’2″ and proportionally long-torsoed) brother (no photos, I was serious about that knitblogging break). And with that, it was as if things began to realign. I did a big stash reorganization:

Inspired by this article, I decided to focus only on yarn or projects that would “bring joy”. I listed a load of yarn for sale on Ravelry, donated some more to the thrift store, and decided to take a break from large projects for at least a couple of months. I knit a lion:

And then a simple baby sweater, using a load of knitpicks yarn leftover from the samples for Little Firefighter and Cervide:

Then I cast on for another baby sweater:

(2014 has also been the year all my co-workers or their wives got pregnant/had babies).

So I’m back, a little. I’m still not sure where my renewed excitement about knitting will take me, but I’m happy to be excited about it again and I have lots of projects I’d like to try my hand at for 2015. I’m hoping to find time for slightly more regular blogging (maybe once a month?), and to get out a couple of patterns, and to give this website some of the technical TLC it really needs. But for the moment, I’m going to focus on tying up the loose ends of 2014, like that baby sweater, and the (still secret)big ridiculous sewing project I took on earlier this year.

I hope 2014 has been a great year for you, and I look forward to being back in the crafting world a bit more regularly in 2015!

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