infinitely finished! almost.

Unlike some crafters, I don’t maintain a very large collection of buttons. I do love buttons, but it seems that one always runs the risk of purchasing the wrong number if there isn’t a specific project in mind. And if I’m ever browsing buttons and see ones I just like because, there are usually only two or three of them left, or they cost $5 each, or both. All of which is a very long winded way of saying that whenever I buy a button, there is a specific project that they are attached to. Most recently, I purchased twelve buttons:


Naturally, I always seem to gravitate to the pricier stuff…my mother used to complain that I took the same approach to clothes shopping. These aren’t your usual wood or plastic, but “genuine leather”. Oooohlala, no?

And what is it that these dozen pieces of genuine leather will be adorning? Why, my recently completed infinity cable cardigan:


Don’t they go well together? This was one of the last pieces I wrapped up before running off to India, and it is *perfect*. As soon as the buttons are on I can sense it’s going to become my go-to cardigan for days when the fog is especially persistent.

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