Remember how I was working on these lacy little gloves earlier in the year? And remember how one of them went missing? I still haven’t found the missing glove, so I resigned myself to knitting a third glove. Sigh.


That’s the new one there on the right. Fortunately, it seems to be coming along very quickly, maybe because I’m so desperate to get it done and have this project out of my hair. I do love the gloves, but there’s only so often I wanted to make them, you know?

Funnily, when I first got the idea for these gloves, I had a lot of Downton Abbey on the brain, and was thinking about elegant ladies gloves with little button closures. Which these are. But off the hand, they really remind me of something a little more Elizabethan. Proof, I suppose, that either I know very little about historical fashion trends, or that there really is nothing new under the sun.

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