after the bind off: mitered square afghan

Back in the summer of 2007, I spent almost all of my free time knitting and piecing together one hundred striped mitered squares:

Afghan progress

The Mason Dixon Knitting book was still a relatively recent publication, and I was about to move into my first solo apartment. The idea of being able to decorate a place exactly to my tastes (well, within the confines of my budget) was pretty novel, and I decided that I *obviously* needed a queen sized blanket for my new couch/futon:


I had a slightly alternate piecing arrangement, grouping squares into 3-square “L” shapes rather than 4-square squares. This arrangement required a lot of plotting out on scratch paper:

The plan

Since then, I’ve moved a couple more times, and in a pursuit of a more open living space, I ditched my futon when I moved from an apartment to a smaller studio space as part of my migration to the Bay Area. But, I hung onto the blanket, and it still serves as a focal point of my living space. It’s just that now it lives on the bed:


Six years on, this things is still going strong. The cotton yarn I used will go through both the washer and dryer with no problems, and the colors haven’t even faded much. In fact, I’m thinking maybe I should make a few more of these, with the plan of passing them onto my hypothetical grandchildren. This piece is truly destined to be an heirloom.

Do you have a major piece of knitting from years ago that you still use everyday?

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