I’ve been mostly true to my main train knitting cardigan project, with the result that I’ve plowed almost all the way through the body, whew:


Next up, casting on for sleeves!

While it does make a good commuting project, the miles and miles of endless stockinette on that cardigan can get a tiny bit, well, you know…boring. Sigh. So, I’ve decided that I’m now splitting my knitting into “commute projects” and “home projects”. The latest home project just needs a few ends sewn in and a good blocking:


Cute, right? This tam will go nicely with the gloves I was working on earlier this year, which would be finished by now had one of them not gone and GONE MISSING! I know! I have looked and looked and for the life of me, I cannot find it. So, time to cast on for a new one. Fortunately, I am very excited about how the one I have left is looking, so that’s good motivation to get into gear and make it a proper pair:


I’m especially loving the little button detailing on the cuffs, which I’m echoing in the brim of the tam:

Next post, I promise to break out of the 4-ply soft route and show off my new “home project” (it’s neither wool nor red!)

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