Signs of spring continue to abound around here:


Bright cotton knits in tiny sizes…


Growing in tandem with the bright green tomato plants. Yes, despite the loss of my garden plot, I’m still determined to work on my green thumb–these have been doing beautifully and I’m hoping for a summer full of multi-colored heirloom deliciousness.

And in a sign of true warm weather delirium, I pulled out my box of warm weather yarns:


Although I’ve still got my woolen train project and a glove that I really ought to focus on, I can’t help but think about another lightweight summery project to follow up the baby cardigan above. A rummage around my box has me toying with these three options:


Though with all the fine-gauge knitting I’ve already been doing, perhaps it’s time to move onto something a little thicker and faster? Still, I think I’ll be breaking out my stitch books and doing a little swatching soonish…though I’m trying to limit my WIPs, so not until I have something else finished!

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