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Lately I’ve really been wanting to get back to sweater knitting. I love sweaters, but I tend to be a bit cyclic about making them. They’re a big commitment. For the last five years, I was living in Southern California, and there’s only so much wear you can get out of them. And for a while, I was feeling like maybe I was reaching my sweater/cardigan capacity.

But, I moved to a cooler climate, started working in an office where the heating system is erratic, and wore out a few of my existing sweaters. I need a few things that are lightweight and good for my new “business casual” work environment (yes, it still feels weird after the 7 years of grad school standard of worn out jeans+equally worn out t-shirt). Enter my latest swatch:


I’ve always loved the look of infinity cables and I’m so psyched to have finally come up with a design idea that I think will incorporate them well. The swatch took several tries, but I think this latest incarnation is the one to stick. I’m currently working my way through the cast on (not pictured as it is rather boring).

Some of you may be wondering if that isn’t the same yarn that I’ve been using for those mock-cabled Downton-inspired gloves. It is. I snapped up 15 balls of Rowan 4-ply soft when it was being discontinued, and now, finally, it looks like I may get around to using it all up. Stash busting was not an official resolution this year, but it’s definitely a nice side effect of all these new projects!

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