on the road again

This week I’m spending some time up in the Pacific Northwest, an area I haven’t had much of a chance to explore. It’s pretty chilly up here, but I’ve packed a sweater, so all is well.

The first leg of my trip was a flight to Seattle. I didn’t get to stay in the city long, but I did get a lovely view of Mt. Ranier:


Though I had to lean pretty far forward to see it, because the main thing to see out of my window was this:


So it’s a good thing I had brought a project, right?


Fancy new gloves! I had been planning these for a while (they were initially scheduled to be part of the 2012 Summer of Cables….oops), but they’ve recently come to the front burner, due to a little knitting mishap. Last week, I pulled my red and gold Beatrice gloves out, and discovered that one of them was horribly, horribly motheaten. I’m starting to think that pattern might be cursed for me–the first pair I made using it got shredded in a bicycling accident. So, time for another (different) pair of fancy gloves! I’ve been wanting to do some designs that incorporate the finger portion of the glove a bit more, which I think this pair will manage pretty nicely. There are some other little details too, which I’ll hopefully have a chance to share soon. But for now, back to traveling…

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