Year’s end

With 2012 rapidly drawing to a close, it’s time to hop on the reflection bandwagon. At the beginning of the year, I’d set myself a goal of releasing a pattern a month throughout the year. While the distribution was somewhat uneven, I realized last week that I had actually released twelve patterns in 2012:


(Start at the top left and go clockwise):
1. Halesia
2. Serpentine
3. Give and Receive
4. Cervide
5. Cocoa Rosa
6. Three’s Charm
7. Equinox
8. Fireside
9. Bungalow
10. Cocoa Rosa (yes, again, sorry!)
11. Layover
12. Straight Maze
13. Imogene

I really did have a thing for hats this year, eh?

In 2013, I’ve got plans for another dozen or so patterns, some hats, some not (gasp!). One thing I really want to do for myself, though, is knit more lightweight cardigans. At least two! And I’m working on a plan for being more consistent with blogging. And I want to knit at least one pair of cozy new socks.

I’ll hopefully be back with another post before the new year, but in the meantime, enjoy these last little days of 2012!

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