You may recall that this year, I drastically scaled back my Thanksgiving knitting ambitions and packed yarn for only two projects. Despite this restraint, I still fell short of my goals, and I only worked on one of them, and I *still* have to finish:


Yes, another hat! With beads and open work spiraling around the crown. Seriously, I love it. It’s not quite done yet because I need to pick up a few more beads and work a little edging on the bottom–more on that later (when the beads are procured). Currently, I’m planning to release this pattern as part of a small collection in 2013. I’ll be sharing a few more of the pieces to be included in that in the coming weeks and months. I’ve been toying around with the idea of doing a collection or a small book for a while now, and it finally seems like a few things have fallen into place, so I’m seeing if I can make it work. Exciting!

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