Christmas crafting: hot chocolate on a stick

This year, I’m finally making good on my intention to send Christmas cards, and a few extra special friends are getting some bulky envelopes with a few of these:


Hot chocolate on a stick, with a coating of peppermint pieces. I had seen the tutorial for these a couple of years ago, thought they sounded cute but troublesome, and filed the idea away. This year, I decided to test them out. My verdict?

Yes, these are a little messy. BUT, they are much easier to make than you might expect. And they are so, so much fun to dissolve into a cup of hot milk. So you should definitely make a few.

Here’s what you’ll need:


(for 14 squares/servings)
22 squares of Trader Joe’s Pound Plus Dark Chocolate, plus an additional ~9 squares to use later
3/4 c. cocoa powder
small skewers or coffee stirrers
marshmallows (1 per cube)
starlight mints
1 tbsp powdered sugar

First, melt 22 squares of chocolate. For lots and lots of expert info on melting chocolate, check the tutorial linked above. I use the microwave, and melt for 4 minutes at 50% power:


While the chocolate is melting, stick marshmallows on those litle skewers/stirrers:


Once the chocolate is melted, add the cocoa powder and stir until it is thoroughly mixed. The mixture should be very thick, almost paste-like.

I wasn’t able to photograph this next part, because my hands were so covered in chocolate, but here’s the written version: Transfer the chocolate/cocoa powder into an icing bag. Pipe chocolate into ice-cube trays. You should be able to comfortably fill 14 cubes. After filling the cubes, poke in a marshmallowed skewer:


Place the cubes in the fridge to harden. Clean up the chocolate that has gotten everywhere, and get ready for chocolate and peppermint coating. Place 12 starlight mints and 1 tbsp powdered sugar in a food processor and crush the mints:


Adding that powdered sugar is KEY, leave it out and you will just wind up with a slab of hard and peppermint flavored sugar. The powdered sugar keeps things from sticking together.

When things have hardened, melt the remaining 9 squares of chocolate:


Now, you can dip each of your hot chocolates in the melted chocolate, but I was not impressed with my results when I took this approach. I instead used a butter knife to spread chocolate over the marshmallows and the chocolate cubes. I then sprinkled crushed peppermint liberally over the cubes, like so:


Again, let the chocolates cool and harden in the fridge. If you want to give them as gifts, you can package them in “lollipop” bags, which are approximately 3″x4″ in size. I found mine at Michael’s, but I’m sure other craft stores would have them also. Finally, when packaging, I would recommend taping the base of the bag shut–the ribbon is a cute finishing touch, but not very functional as a solid closure!

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