happy thanksgiving!

I hope everyone here in the US is having a wonderful weekend. As was the case last year, I’m traveling, so I had to pick some yarn to bring with me. Last year I completely overshot and brought about 10 times as much yarn as I could possibly reasonably knit. This year I have scaled back a bit and am limiting myself to yarn for two projects:


Lorna’s Laces Honor, in Manzanita. Such incredibly yummy stuff–alpaca AND silk. You really can’t beat that for awesomeness. This yarn is for a new pattern I’m working up, I’ll post some more about that after Thanksgiving (i.e., when there is some knitting done). For now I’ll just say that it’s going to be a small and beaded object.

And then there’s my other selection:

Knitpicks Swish, in Twilight. Destined to become another Cervide, this one for the Knitpicks IDP program.

I’ll report back next week on whether or not I brought enough, too much, or not enough yarn on my travels! In the meantime, have a great weekend and enjoy the holiday!

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