the past few months!

Yes, it’s been pretty quiet here on the blog. Suffice to say that I’ve been busy with unbloggable projects and a lot of non-knitting business that would bore most readers to tears. However, I finally seem to have found myself with time for a little update, so I thought I’d let you all know (in case you missed it) that I have a new pattern out, Layover:



This is another one of my four-sweaters-in-one designs, taking a basic concept and then presenting a few different options. In this case, the basics are a seamless, top-down design and simple slip-stitching colorwork (perfect if you hate to deal with two colors on the same round). Mix it up by adding a third color and some stripes, and customize to your climate with short and long sleeve options. Also, this sweater knits up SUPER fast–the short sleeved version was my NaKniSweMo project for 2011 and took under 2 weeks to finish! You can get the pattern here on Ravelry.

And, just in time for holiday knitting to really get going, I’ve been working on a few little accessory designs. Here’s a preview of one, which combines some of my favorite techniques: short rows, applied i-cord, and generally fun and quirky constructions:


Keep your eye out for a new release this fall!

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