Holiday knitting—gator mitts!

I have pretty mixed feelings about handknit holiday gifts. Mainly, I am not very good at thinking about things like Christmas gifts in July, which is pretty much what’s required if you’re going to make multiple handknit gifts. The result of this is that every year I totally swear off knitting anything for Christmas (“It’s too much pressure!”, “They won’t even really like it!”, “I knit for ME!! MWAHAHAHA!”) and then sometime in October/November/December I get sucked back into it all and make one or two gifts, and it’s usually all okay after all. Although I did one time have to get my brother to help with sewing in ends to a shawl as it blocked on Christmas Eve. Oops.

This year, I’ve somehow committed myself to making a pair of Gator Mitts:


The pattern for these can be found in Stitch’n’Bitch Nation, and it is SUPER cute! I had to upsize the larger size a little (they are for a guy), so I’m not *quite* following the pattern, but I’m hewing to it close enough. They’re a really quick knit, and I just have this little bit of the tongue/mouth to go:


I am having some indecision about what to do with the eyes. I made the kids version of these a couple of years ago and I used the plastic goggle eyes that were suggested, but then I was always worried that they were going to fall off. This time I’m thinking about maybe crocheting on a pair of eyes. Thoughts?

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