three’s charm (more cables, more hats)

It’s been a bit slow on the posting front around here lately, and will likely continue to be so for the next few weeks. I’m having one crazy summer, to say the least. I’m also working on several projects that I can’t blog about just yet (boo-hoo!), so there’s something of a dearth of material for ye olde blogge. However! A previous secret project can now be shared:


Yes, another pattern for a cabled hat! The pattern, Three’s Charm appears in the Fall 2012 issue of Interweave knits. There are SO many great looking patterns in this issue, I am just dying for my copy to arrive. I think my favorites (based on the online preview) are the Petit Four pullover and the Sazerac pullover.

Back on topic, the hat! I really liked the idea of a relatively large cable panel on a tam, but of course you quickly run into the problem of “If I repeat this panel six times, the tam will be way too big, drat.” So, I instead created a piece built around three panels instead of the usual six, to (I think) fairly good effect). There are several other little “three” themes in the piece aside from the three panels, including the trinity stitch separating panels, and three-stranded cable braids. It appeals to my little sense of numerical whimsy.

I’ll hopefully post a bit more next week, I have a DELICIOUS summer recipe I can’t wait to share!

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