new knitscene = more cables

Friday afternoon I popped onto Twitter for a moment and what did I see?

Yes, a new issue of Knitscene is out and about. I love this magazine and I was especially excited to see the preview because I have a pattern in this issue, the Serpentine Hat:

Photograph courtesy of Interweave Press

A cool little cloche, worked side to side using short rows, with a twisty semi-cabled border (don’t tell, but most of the “cables” are *not* worked by crossing stitches!). The border extends beyond the body of the hat, and this extended piece is then sewn over the seam joining the two ends. So if you feel like doing a little bit of adventures in construction for your next hat, line this one up!

And, semi-cables are close enough to real cables in my book, so this pattern is also included in the eligible list of my Summer of Cables knitalong. Come join us–it’ll be lots of fun and you can get a free pattern at the end of it!

I’m also really itching to get my physical copy of this Knitscene issue, because if the preview is at all accurate, it looks to be chockablock with awesome patterns. My eyes were especially drawn to the lovely cardigans and sweaters, here are a few I am especially loving:

Photograph courtesy of Interweave Press

Terra Linda Cardigan, by Romi Hill. I love the simplicity of this piece, definitely one that could be worn over and over, dressed up or dressed down.

Photograph courtesy of Interweave Press

Agnes pullover, by Ruth Garcia-Alcantud. Whoa, cabling madness! In the most gorgeous way–this piece looks like a nice fresh update to the traditional Aran style. I’m sold.

Photograph courtesy of Interweave Press

Nocturnal pullover by Cassie Castillo. This one has to win an “awwwww” award, right? That was definitely my reaction. There is an OWL on that sweater! Still, this looks like a very grown up piece and I am definitely a fan.

Of course, there are more than just these four patterns in the magazine, and the ones I haven’t mentioned are pretty awesome too, so you should definitely go check out the preview!

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