tetris afghan tutorials: two square rectangle

I did some more afghan work this weekend which means…another tutorial!

Remember the small square from last week, and how I mentioned the small square is a building block for many of the other pieces? This week, I’ll cover one of the easiest pieces to build, the two-square rectangle:


This piece is essentially two small squares, worked simultaneously. Super easy. Ready to make one?

First, you’ll need to cast on 60 stitches. These stitches will divide to form three edges as follows: 15-30-15. So, if you are picking up stitches from and existing piece of knitting, you could pick up 15 from one edge, 30 from an edge that is perpendicular to the first edge, and the final 15 from a third edge that is perpendicular to the second edge. You can also do a combination of picking up and casting on stitches, here I’ve cast on 15 stitches for the 1st edge, but picked up 30 and 15 stitches for the 2nd and 3rd edges:


Row 1: K 13, ssk, pm, k2tog, k 26, ssk, pm, k2tog, k13:


Row 2 and all even rows: k all sts
Row 3 and all remaining odd rows: k to 2 sts before 1st marker, ssk, k2tog, k to 2 sts before 2nd marker, ssk, k2tog, k to end of row

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until there are 8 sts on the needles. As you knit, you’ll see the diagonal of the square forming in between the two sets of repeated decreases:


After the final repeat of row 3, knit 1 row, then turn work and (ssk, k2tog) twice. Turn work,(ssk, k2tog, 2 sts remain on the needles. Cut the yarn and thread back through these two stitches.

And that’s the end of the two square rectangle!

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