tetris afghan tutorials: three square rectangle

Continuing in the theme of building on the basic square, this week’s tutorial is yet another rectangle. Last week we did a two-square rectangle, which is essentially two small squares knit at the same time. We’ll now extend to a three square rectangle. In the three-square variation, we split up those two mitered squares from the two-square rectangle and add a third, non-mitered square in the middle:


First, you’ll need to cast on 75 stitches. These stitches will divide to form three edges as follows: 15-45-15. So, if you are picking up stitches from and existing piece of knitting, you could pick up 15 from one edge, 45 from an edge that is perpendicular to the first edge, and the final 15 from a third edge that is perpendicular to the second edge. You can also do a combination of picking up and casting on stitches. here I’ve cast on 15 stitches for the 1st edge, picked up 45 sts for the 2nd edge, and will cast-on “15” sts for the 3rd edge at the end of the row:


I put that “15” in quotes because I have a little quirk for casting on sts at the end of the row, which I’ll get to momentarily. However, for the moment, let’s assume that you have all 75 sts picked up and cast-on from the get-go. Work your set up row like so:

Row 1: K 13, ssk, pm, k2tog, k 41, ssk, pm, k2tog, k13

Now. In my case, I did not have the final 15 sts waiting at the end of the row. So instead I skipped the last k2tog, cast on 14 sts using the backwards loop cast on:


Then I proceeded to rows 2 and 3:

Row 2 and all even rows: k all sts
Row 3 and all remaining odd rows: k to 2 sts before marker, ssk, k2tog, k to end of row

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until there are 2 sts left before the first marker.
As you knit, you’ll see two diagonals forming from the bottom corners of the rectangle:


When you finish that last Row 3 (leaving 2 sts before the 1st marker), you’ll finish off the rectangle like so:

sl 1, ktog, psso, BO until there are 3 sts on left needle, k3tog, BO this last st. The end! Once you are done, you’ll really be able to see the three squares that form the larger rectangle:


Cute, no?

And don’t forget, if you’re looking for other tetris afghan tutorials, you can find them over on the tutorials page.

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