tetris afghan tutorials: small square

Yes, a tetris tutorial! I’m making good on my goal of knitting at least one piece per week. Last time I posted about the afghan, I know I said I was going to do a “new” piece, but I realized that I have somehow skipped ever doing a tutorial for the piece that is a building block for most of the other pieces in the afghan, the small square:


I did post a tutorial for the large square, and this small one is very similar, just with different numbers. But again, it’s the fundamental building block for many other pieces, so it really ought to have it’s own separate tutorial, right? Here goes.

First, you’ll need to cast on 30 stitches. If you are picking up stitches from an existing piece of knitting, you’ll need to pick up from two perpendicular edges, picking up 15 on each edge. You can also pick up 15 stitches from an existing edge and cast on 15 stitches to form the second edge. Just make sure you have 30 stitches total in such a way that there are two sets of 15 at right angles to each other (i.e., DON’T pick up 30 stitches from 1 straight edge!):


Row 1: K 13, ssk, pm, k2tog, k 13:


Row 2 and all even rows: k all sts
Row and all remaining odd rows: k to 2 sts before marker, ssk, k2tog, k to end of row

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until there are 4 sts on the needles. As you knit, you’ll see the diagonal of the square forming in between the two repeated decreases:


After the final repeat of row 3, knit 1 row, then turn work and ssk, k2tog so that there are 2 stitches remaining. Cut the yarn and thread back through these two stitches. You’re done!

Curious about how to use this small square to build larger pieces? You might want to check out my earlier tutorial, small square L from the outside in. And keep an eye out for future tutorials, I’ve got one planned for next week already!

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