Summer of cables kick-off: Give & Receive set coming May 31st

In anticipation of releasing several cabled patterns in the next few months, I’m declaring summer 2012 the summer of cables. And! The first of these patterns will be coming out next week on the 31st, the awesome little Give & Receive scarf and hat set:

cables, reversible

Give and receive
Loads of cables, some of them reversible, others tapering nicely into the crown of a hat. These are both nice small projects, good for summer if you are one of those sane people who prefers not to have your lap entirely loaded up with wool when the temperatures start to rise. If you haven’t tried reversible cables before, I highly recommend doing so! It is a fun technique and a much more interesting way of creating a reversible fabric than your standard ribbing, seed stitch, etc.

As always, those of you on the mailing list will receive an email with a discount code when this pattern goes live, and throughout the summer as more cabled patterns become available, so feel free to navigate your way over to the sign up page and get on it. And if you are already a long-time member of said mailing list, don’t forget that May 30th is the last day to use your discount code for Cocoa Rosa, if you haven’t already!

P.S. More photos, details, etc. of the pattern are available over on Ravelry!

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