crown time

That hat I started last week? It’s going swimmingly, thank you very much:


This newer, looser iteration constitutes a major improvement! Fortunately, it’s still proving to be a fairly quick knit, with the result that I’m just about to head into the crown decreases. As I think I may have already mentioned, the genius of this slip stitch pattern is that every other row is just mindless stockinette in the main color. The mix of “row where you have to pay attention” and “row to zone out on” is perfect for me–miles and miles of boredom aren’t really my thing, but there’s also only so much time you can spend on something crazily intricate. It’s a balance I often try to strike in my design work: I like things to have a few quirks, unusual details, or opportunities to try new techniques, but I don’t want them to overwhelm the piece. It’s all about the happy medium, right?

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