backcountry knitting

Like many Americans, I took advantage of the Memorial Day holiday to take a little trip. More specifically, a 5-day jaunt through the Emigrant Wilderness in California’s beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains (and no, the California Tourism board did NOT just pay me to say that, they are beautiful):


We initially got hammered with a late season snowstorm:



but things cleared up and eventually started to seem a little more like summer:


And in the evenings, we would collapse at camp, enjoy a delicious dehydrated meal (note that the “deliciousness” is largely a function of hunger, not food quality), and settle in for some peaceful evening activities. Here’s one of mine:


Big surprise, right?

Today I’m back in the regular world, unpacking my bag and generally getting back into the swing of things. I’ll be back later this week with another tetris tutorial, and of course to update the site with the Give & Receive set tomorrow.

Hope you had a lovely Memorial Day also!

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