repeat one

I made it up to the second (of four) body decreases on my cardigan, which I’ve now dubbed “Harvest”:


In addition to having half the body decreases done, I’ve also now worked one full repeat of the color motifs. It’s definitely a long repeat, over 20 rows. But I like the alternation between the two main sub-repeats, the red “wheels” (as I’ve taken to calling them) and the dark green “bursts”. I’m also really enjoying the switch-off in dominance between the suite of greens and the warmer red and gold colors.

One thing I dislike about colorwork sweaters is figuring out how to work body decreases into the pattern. Sure, if you’re going to be super traditional, you just don’t bother with waist shaping, but what can I say? I like something a little more fitted. So, I decided to bypass the issue by creating side panels where the decreases could be incorporated, without interfering with the primary motifs:


I’ve chosen to keep things fairly minimalist and simply knit a series of upside-down “V” shapes, which will be inverted when the increases begin on the upper part of the body. Theses blend well with some repeated “V” themes in the main part of the sweater, and to my way of thinking, simplify the knitting process considerably. No more pausing to think about which stitch I’m now starting the post-decrease portion of the row on!

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