quadratic rose

Remember when you were in high school, and you learned all about polar coordinates? And for the next week you and your classmates were all secretly trying to figure out what cool and pretty pictures you could make on the classroom stockpile of TI-83s, rather than paying attention to whatever it was you were supposed to be learning for that pesky state end-of-course exam? And how the polar rose was one of the most exciting things going that week?

No? Erm, okay, maybe there was just not much going on at my high school. Though apparently enough people are into it that Texas Instruments has a page with instructions on making one. Anyway, even though really, they have not much at all in common, aside from being abstract representations of roses, I was reminded of that when I finished up these:


So I thought I’d treat you all to that little trip down my memory lane. Hope you enjoyed it! And that you enjoy the upcoming weekend–I’ll be back on Monday with an update on my massive Fair Isle cardigan project. I got some brand new needles for it on Wednesday!

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