color color color

I seem to be in a stranded knitting stretch at the moment, with lots of multicolor projects in the works or recently completed!

My Cocoa Rosa gloves are all done, and I had enough yarn left to make a pair of mitts with the color scheme reversed:


And, I cast on for a potentially epic cardigan:


I’m a little nervous about this one, it’s definitely one of my most involved projects to date. Still, it hasn’t stopped me from sketching out and planning several MORE colorwork projects to work on in the future.

I’ve heard people say that individual knitters tend to stick pretty closely to either texture or color knitting. I have to say though, that I love both. I do tend to go through phases though: for a few months I won’t be able to get enough cables, then I can’t get enough of color mixing, then I think I might want to try out some lace, and so on. My thinking on it is that once you’ve come up with one idea for using a technique, it acts as a trigger and gets you thinking about other ways to use that technique. And then you’re on it until your next flash of interest in something new hits. I feel like my knitting does have some common recurring themes, but I am not really a signature “color” or “cables” or “lace” person. Or at least, not yet. How about you? Is there one technique that you work in almost exclusively? Or do you like to try a bit of everything?

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