Last week I took the plunge and cast-on for the body of my mega cardigan project:


It’s taken me that long to get up to the first body decrease! Granted, I have had a lot on my plate, trying to get several patterns out the door, working on a few proposals, and entertaining out of town guests. Still, I’m girding my loins and accepting that this project is going to be A Serious Commitment.

It is also going to be A Steeking Commitment:


Yes, my heart does quail slightly at the idea of taking a pair of scissors to something that represents hours and hours of work. Still, I’ve successfully steeked smaller projects in the past, and the frequency with which this yarn devolves into a fuzzed together mess while being knit makes me confident that all will rub together into a big non-ravelling finish eventually. Stay tuned for the blow-by-blow documentation.

I also blocked the first sleeve, see how much nicer the pattern looks after some good old fashioned steam application?


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