New knitscene, new pattern! Halesia Tam

When I downloaded the themes for Knitscene’s summer 2012 issue last year, I was psyched to see that they were thinking of a storyline centered around leaves. I’ve taken several botany classes over the years and I’m always doodling leaves, vines, trees, and flowers in the margins of my notebooks. Oh, and my favorite color is green, very appropriate.

And thus, the concept of the Halesia tam came to fruition:


This design actually rose out of the ashes of another idea that didn’t work out so well–while I love the idea of large, complex leaf motifs, it can be hard to create the right knitting canvas to frame them in. This motif strikes a nice balance: it looks distinctly leaf like, but it’s not overly detailed or busy:


The pattern is charted and a fun, quick knit. There are a few little construction details, including a knitted hem. Although this hat is knit all in one color, the hem would be a great place to use up a little leftover yarn and make a contrasting interior edge! I love the Blue Sky Alpacas Cotton yarn that was chosen for the sample piece, vibrantly colored and very easy on the hands (a critical consideration with cotton yarns!):


I also love the adorable care instructions BSA uses on their yarn:


So true, right?

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