In like a lion!

March is one of my favorite months, and I especially love the classic little moniker that goes with it: “In like a lion, out like a lamb”. To celebrate the arrival of March, I’m offering a special 25% discount on the Lionel lion pattern, so you can welcome March with a roaring lion of your own!


To use the code, visit the Lionel pattern page and click “add to cart” and enter the code MarchRoar to receive a 25% discount (note: do not use the “buy now” button, it won’t give you a chance to use the coupon code in the right spot!). The promotion is running through March 10th, and it’s also good on the Toys Times Two pattern bundle. So you can get Lionel alone for $4.50, or Lionel + Roosevelt for $6.75.

Enjoy! And have fun out in the windy March weather!

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