fingers! for frogging…

Last night I knocked out two fingers (and the thumb) on the right glove:


Yay! Right? I was really speeding along on these things. This morning I was setting up for the middle finger and thought to myself “Hmmm, there seem to be an awful lot of live stitches left. And indeed, there were. A few too many.

I have a policy with designing and knitting sample pieces, that I manage to self-enforce fairly strictly: No knitting before writing. That is, I have to write up a pattern sectio (in all the sizes) before I start knitting it. The problem with this, I find, is that the numbers associated with the smallest size often get stuck in my head. And that’s what happened here. I went on autopilot and knit a pinkie and ring finger for the extra small size, even though I’m actually knitting a medium. Ooops. Good thing fingers are a quick knit!

Have I mentioned these gloves also have colorwork on the palm? Because they do:


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