Repurposing+scavenging: container edition

First off, confession: I have a total weakness for containers, the smaller and cuter, the better. I am the girl who’s always picking up little wooden boxes, tins, and baskets at knicknack and gift shop type places, ooohing and aaahing over their tidiness or kitsch factor. Seriously, if I had the budget for it, I would be a container hoarder.

And even without the budget, I seem to have a knack for acquisition. I’ve been slowly picking up glass storage jars over the past few years, one or two seem to pop up at our complex free thrift shop each spring as families move out and pare down:


And of course, where would I be without all of my little thrifted baskets to store yarn and notions?


Our communal work kitchen is constantly yielding small containers as tins and boxes are emptied and left for the taking. I’m sometimes hardpressed to think of a use for the bits I pick up, but this one seemed perfectly sized for my small collection of threads and sewing supplies:


My latest is a metal tea tin:


I might use this to store tea, but I’m thinking it might also be the perfect size for some buttons.

What are some of your favorite found containers? What do you use them for?

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