more cables! more sideways!

I think horizontal cable bands are becoming my current design signature:


As a side note, this photo is a rare instance of my camera appearing to capture green pretty much perfectly.

So, what is this? Why, it’s the beginning of a little cable yoke band. For a wee little pullover. Hopefully wee enough that my wee supply of this yarn (~350 yards) will make it. Because I like to live dangerously like that.

The yarn is Cascade Lana D’oro, a sadly discontinued 50/50 wool/alpaca blend (hmmm, maybe 50/50 wool/alpaca blends are becoming my current yarn signature, this is the third recent project). It’s a lovely yarn, basically a slightly softer and more luxe version of their workhorse Cascade 220 wool yarn. In fact, at some point I noticed that Cascade also made a 220 version of this same color, so if I do run short of yarn, that might be my backup. But hopefully not, I’m determined to keep making a dent in the size of my stash!

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