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This week it’s all about cables. And quick projects–I’ve started two, good thing there were no New Year’s resolutions about project monogamy. First, a hat to coordinate with the scarf I finished up in December:


You may recall that the scarf featured a reversible cable. The hat does not. Why? Well, you rarely have to worry about the wrong side of your hat showing, for one. For two, reversible cabling does bulk up the finished fabric, and while that’s great for a scarf, I was concerned it might be a bit too much for a hat. So, this hat features a cable motif that is similar to the scarf, but not exactly the same. Perfect if you are not into being overly matchy-matchy (I most definitely qualify as not!). Unfortunately, I ran out of yarn and have not had a chance to run down to Loop and Leaf for a top up. Sooooo, I went diving into my stash and started this:


A re-knit of my Escheresque pattern, this time in a more colorful mix of brown and hot, hot pink (I get warm just looking at it). I’ve been wanting to do an update on this pattern for a while, and am finally finding the time. Over the years I’ve had some requests for more sizing options and a “less pointy” decrease, so the updates should make the pattern more versatile and give the knitter a few extra choices. Always to the good!

The yarn, in case you want to pick up something shocking for yourself, is Berroco’s Ultra Alpaca Light, a lighter weight of their worsted Ultra Alpaca. It’s a 50/50 wool/alpaca blend, and I really cannot say enough good things about it: it’s delightful to work with and the wool keeps it from becoming the floppy mess that a 100% alpaca might be, so it’s perfectly suited to a little cable project like this one. The price range is also pretty good for this kind of quality, typically around $6 for a 144 yd ball if you’re getting the Light iteration of the yarn.

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