Escheresque on the beach

We took advantage of the lovely weather last weekend and went for a walk with the camera and my new Escheresque:


The cables show up nicely, no? And yes, we do have flowers blooming in February. Even by the local standards, this winter has been unbelievably mild.

And a slightly more artsy shot from the back:

The wind started whipping up quite a bit on the walk back, so the hat even managed to serve a useful, as well as decorative, purpose.

As mentioned previously, this re-knit is accompanying a revision of the pattern. Updated format, extra sizes, and some different options for the crown decreases. It’s going to be a massively more awesome pattern, is what I’m saying. If you want an email when the re-launch occurs (should be within the next week or two), please sign yourself up for the mailing list. I use the list to announce new pattern releases and typically include a code for a discount or freebie along with the announcement!

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