treasures from the mail

Last night arrived home to a small and unassuming package on the doorstep. I opened it up and found:


A tidy little bag full of fun stuff!

From bottom to top:

My contributor copy of Jane Austen Knits. After leafing through the whole thing, I can say even more emphatically that I’m thrilled to have been included. There are so many great patterns (and some that have not yet been entered into the Ravelry database, so there were some fun surprises in there as well).

I also received a lovely card from Amy Clarke Moore, who edited the special edition, as well as some extra copies of the Fitz pattern (which are now filed away in my little portfolio folder):


And finally, the most exciting part of the package, my sample mitts and the original swatch I submitted back in January:


I often get asked about the changes a pattern might undergo between swatching and the final sample. In this case, you can see that all the major elements of the pattern remained intact, but that the color certainly took a change! If you’re thinking of casting on for some Fitz mitts in a different color, maybe this swatch picture will serve as a little inspiration. The Shetland Spindrift yarn used for the mitts comes in a wide (really wide!) array of colors, so there’s lots of possibility for a little substitution!

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