travels south

Monday morning I wrapped up my mini-break to the Bay Area, packed up my knitting, and hied myself off to the San Jose train station:


San Jose is one of the more charming of the California Amtrak stations, with high ceilings, murals, and quaint history displays like this one:


After a short wait at the station, the train arrived:


And I was headed back down south! For anyone who is curious, the train I took was the Coast Starlight, which runs from Los Angeles to Seattle (and back). This is the only train connecting southern California to the Bay Area. It’s not a very good travel option if you’re in a hurry (my trip would have taken about half the time in a car), but if you have the time I definitely recommend it. No worrying about staying awake at the wheel, no airport security, miles of legroom, no checked luggage fees, and power outlets online even mean you can bring a laptop and log some time working (if your work is such that it can be done with a laptop). I got more dissertation writing done in a few hours of train travel than I usually do in a week, thanks to the lack of interruptions from internet, coworkers coming in and out, campus construction noises, and so on.

And of course, no mini-break is complete without knitting, and with all that train travel, progress was inevitable:




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