travel plans

As I mentioned yesterday, we’re traveling for Thanksgiving this year. Last night I started figuring out what knitting to bring and came up with this:


First, my “Thanksgiving travels” are actually going to extend a bit beyond Thanksgiving weekend, so I (kind of) have an excuse to pack lots of yarn. But still, this was too much. Yarn for my current sweater, a scarf, a baby sweater, a hat, some socks (or maybe mitts), a couple of ideas I want to swatch out…yeah right. I’m really going to do all that.

After much contemplation, I narrowed it down to:


Which is probably still too much, but at least in a more reasonable ballpark. Now I just have to figure out how to fit it all into my bags. Have I mentioned I’m also bringing along about half of the Outlander series? Between knitting supplies and reading supplies, I’ll have no room for clothes!

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