NaKniSweMo, day the fourth

I think this might finally be the year I knit an entire sweater in the month of November:


Yes! I started that on Tuesday morning! The key to knitting progress seems to be lots of train travel, as I think I’ve spent around 14 of the last 72 hours on trains or buses.

Although I knew in my head that this version of Layover was going to look different from the black/white/grey version, I’m still astonished at just how different it looks with the purple/green palette and the streamlining down to just 2 colors. Seriously, it is not going to feel like having two of the same thing in my wardrobe at all. I know from years of knitting that just mixing up the colors can give a sweater (or any knit item) a drastically different look, but it’s always neat and a little inspirational to see it happening for real. I love getting that little reminder of yet one more reason why knitting is awesome: with something as simple as a color change, you can create a truly unique piece that is totally your own. Try finding that at the mall!

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