after the bind off: part one in a (maybe) occasional series

One of my favorite things about knitting, aside from the knitting part, is using my handknits. So today I thought I’d start something new, with a post about an older piece of knitting and how it’s being used now. I thought this theme would be fun to do as an occasional series, as I often hear people saying things along the lines of “I loved making this, but now what do I do with it?”

Today’s item is a Charlotte’s Web shawl, made back in 2004 (using 5 skeins of Koigu Painter’s Palette yarn–awesome stuff). Here’s how I’ve been wearing it lately:

Charlotte's web, still going strong

This photo highlights one of my major strategies when wearing a multicolored handknit: avoid pairing with white or black. I know, they “go with everything”. But I don’t think they go that extra mile to *enhancing* very often. I know I also tend to look a bit corpselike if I put black right next to my face. So, I prefer to go with less extreme neutral shades. In this case, a grey t-shirt goes well with the blue/purple/grey palette of the shawl and keeps the overall look softer than a black shirt would. Deep plum and purple colors also seem to pair well with a lot of other shades, despite not technically being “neutrals”.

As for the actual “wearing” of the shawl: when I initially made this piece I would wear it spread out over my shoulders, pinned to one side. On the one hand, this style displayed the maximum amount of shawl area. However, it was fussy (the shawl would often slip around) and only practical for more dressy occasions where I didn’t need to use my arms much. Now, I tend to wear it more as a large scarf, which is equally dramatic in it’s own way, and much better for everyday wear!

Do you have any strategies for showing your knitting labors off to their best advantage or suggestions for this occasional series? Feel free to share with a comment if you do!

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