progress, and disappointment

First, the good stuff. Lots and lots of cabling this weekend:

Just a little more knitting until I hit the buttonholes:

(Don’t forget, you can get a 25% discount off the Amna pattern until November 15th, just check out the first post of the Amna KAL thread on Ravelry for details!)

Pretty soon there’ll just be miles of stockinette to go, which means things will either go really quickly, or I’ll get bored and things will start going suuuuuuper slowly. Let’s hope for the former.

Next, the disappointment.

Post blocking, this hat looked great, but when I did a little try-on it became obvious it was not going to work:

While this stitch pattern makes a great double knit beanie, the single knit fabric is just a little too tight for this style. I sort of suspected this might be the case, but it was just one of those situations of willfully ignoring and persisting despite the hard cold reality staring you in the face. I’m planning to rip this out and make a not-so-slouchy tam, stay tuned for the re-knit!

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