50 crafts and tutorial: sew a needle roll

This weekend I decided to tackle the mess that was my “crafting miscellany” shelf. I pulled everything out and realized a big problem was the stray knitting needles everywhere:


Okay, they’re obviously not the only problem. But they are a significant one, and I was sick of having to empty out a basket of craft supplies to find a single DPN. Time to make a needle roll/case, already!

I rummaged around in my fabric stash and came up with an old sheet and some muslin and decided to get sewing. I used:

-One piece of main fabric 26″ x 52″
-One piece of contrast fabric 24″ x 24″
-One piece of main fabric 4″ x 48″

First, I cut a piece of fabric from the sheet, 25″ wide and 52″ long. Yes, that’s a long piece of fabric, I know. But when you have the better part of a sheet to use up, conservation is not really an issue.

Next, I folded a roughly 5.5″ piece of fabric up and pinned it (NOTE: Although the fold here is shown with the right side of the fabric facing out, you can save some time by pinning inside out from the start. Learn from my mistake). Then I folded the remaining fabric in half, with the right sides of the fabric facing in on each other, creating a rectangle ~20.5″ tall (in addition to the 5.5″ tall rectangle at the bottom):


Seam up along the black dotted lines (go all the way along each side, ~26″), creating two “pockets”. Turn the pockets right side out. Next, cut a piece of fabric 24″ by 24″. I used muslin, but you could certainly use something nicer or more colorful. Fold fabric in half to create a 12″ x 24″ rectangle (if fabric has a right side, it should be facing in). Seam along the two 12″ sides:


Turn piece right side out. Next, you’ll want to make a tie for your case. Take the 4″ x 48″ piece of fabric and fold it in half, long ways. Iron along the fold. Unfold fabric and fold each side into the crease:


Then fold in half again and seam along the edge:


Next, assembly! Lay the large two-pocket rectangle flat, with pocket openings facing up. Lay the contrast piece of fabric on top, with the open edge lined up with the pocket openings on the larger piece of fabric. Fold the tie in half (creating a 1″x24″ strip) and sandwich the folded end in between the main and contrast fabric at roughly the halfway point:


Finally, fold the small rectangle over the top of the contrast fabric. Seam around all four edges:


Make one horizontal seam across the contrast fabric, just above the bottom pocket:


Make a series of vertical seams to create individual pockets. I spaced most of mine about 3″ apart, leaving one large (~6″) pocket for things like spare cables. I also put a few smaller (~2″) pockets on the top. Once you’re done with the vertical seams, get your needles and start filling the case up:


To close, fold the top flap over, roll everything up, and tie!


So much tidier, no?

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