applying layoff techniques to stash

That is, “last hired, first fired”. I’m now tackling stash in reverse chronological order:


The Icelandic wool from my brother, hopefully being transformed into a short sleeved yoked sweater. I’ve had to rip it out a couple of times already and of course, this yarn is incredibly sticky. However, I think I’ve finally got it right. The pattern on the yoke is a simple slip stitch pattern, which I think works well with the black/white/gray color scheme.

I’m not sure how long the stash depletion in chronological order is going to be feasible for. I can definitely identify my last 4-5 stash additions, but anything further back than that is a bit fuzzy. Still, I like the idea of having some plan of attack. Perhaps after those 4-5 projects are knocked out, I’ll start working through in order of color, or yarn thickness, or quantity or…hmmm. What are some creative ways of categorizing one’s stash?

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