new(ish) yarn!

It was pointed out to me over the weekend that there’s a reason my stash isn’t getting noticeably smaller:


Even though I’ve been very resolutely not buying any more yarn, people keep giving it too me. I really can’t object, as the gifts are generally quite nice, and typically not something I would be able to find locally. The little collection of Lettlopi above was a belated birthday gift from my brother, a souvenir of a recent trip to Iceland (globetrotting friends and relatives are a great way to build a diverse stash!). It was given along with a hint that he could use a scarf, but I think I’m going to try to squeeze a vest out of it (he’ll get a scarf too, but in something a little softer…).

My neighbor and knitting partner-in-crime Emma also went traveling this summer, and made me the recipient of more yarn souvenirs:


More purple yarn! Hand dyed, even. The yarn on the left is dyed with logwood, while the purple on the right is a mix of indigo and cochineal. I haven’t quite decided what these are going to become yet, thoughts?

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