weedy wednesday: spring sproutings

A few weeks back I did a major weeding session in the garden and also pulled up all my (poor, ravaged) brussel sprout plants. I put some new seeds into that space, and they’ve just started to come up! Want to see?



I’ve had some problems with powdery mildew in the past but I was recently informed that spritzing your zucchini with milk can combat this problem. The regular fog we get here during the summer months makes keeping them dry (the other suggested solution) pretty near impossible. So this year I’ll be trying applications of milk, and if that doesn’t work I am officially giving up on zucchini.

Next up, yellow beans:

Despite their newness, these are apparently already popular with the local insect population…something is going to have to be done about that!

And finally, the loquat tree is fruiting, although I cannot claim responsibility or credit for its success in any way:

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