April special: oldies but goodies

This month’s special showcases my three oldest patterns: Psuedo Fibonacci Armwarmers, Escheresque, and Isoceles.

Pseudo Fibonacci Armwarmers

I’m in the process of updating each of these patterns to a more standardized layout, and I’ll also be including a few improvements or new options on each pattern. When the updates are released, there will be a price bump on the patterns (the current price on each of these patterns has been the same since 2006). BUT, if you’ve already purchased the pattern, you get the update for free. And this month, you can get 25% off any (or all) of these patterns by entering the code “classics” at checkout.

Escheresque hat

So if you’ve been coveting any of these patterns, now’s the time to snap them up, as they’re unlikely to be available at this price again.

Isoceles Scarf

Get knitting!

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